My biggest influence

My biggest influence in photography is my mum. Every trip we made when I was a kid, she was always carrying her compact analog Yashica. And she was pushing me to take photos, buying for me some Kodak Disposable Cameras (which I wasn’t much interested in using at that time, to be honest).

Everyone was taking photos of their holidays at that time, and it was a real pleasure to show to your family members the envelope full of bright paper pictures which used to be developed after a week or so from the return from the trip.

Nowadays we’ve lost this experience. Yes, we still do a lot of photos – maybe more than before, thanks to the unexpensive and limitless digital format – but we’ve lost the tactile feeling which came from it.

A photograph in the 90ies used to satisfy all the 5 senses. Nowadays we get enough from just visualizing a photo on a screen for a few seconds, and that’s it.

I really think we should go back a little, and try to merge the digital technologies of today with the essence of the analog photography.

In the meantime, I’ll post some landscapes my mum has taken during our amazing trips around the world. For sure she had an elevated sense for and a deep understanding of the picture which came from the practice of a more solid, practical and contingent art.


Tunisia, something around 1998
Brazil, probably 2001
Brazil as well