No one is indispensible

It may seems hard, but no one is indispensible.

Let’s count how many people we do have around:

– our family (parents, wife, kids)
– our friends (how many? 10, maybe 20?)
– our job mates (again, no more than 20)

That’s pretty much of it.

So let’s assume. At the end, we care about no more than 50 people out of the 8 bilion people who live on Earth.

And this is way much more true on the internet world.

Yes, we share a lot of contents, pictures, articles, whatever. We receive a lot of so called “likes“, thumbs ups, hearts, and so on.

But we are not the only ones doing it.

Infact, everyone does it.

So, in this regime of abundance, we disappear.

The only way to climb up the mountain is just one: quality.

Quality it’s the only trait of distiction between the ones we follow, we appreciate, and the ones we avoid, we unfollow.

Think about it next time you show something to the world.